Jap The Country Of East Asia

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Thousands of people are deceased; and some fearing extensive injuries. The roads – works of Japan are filled with cadavers and contriturated bits of concrete and debris. After a gargantuan earthquake occurred in Kobe at the struck of dawn.

Japan island nation of East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean is officially called the Nippon Koku, which means State of Japan. The neighboring countries of North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China are located west of Japan. The islands of Japan lie east of Sea of Japan, and the East China Sea is situated to its south and the Philippine Sea to its southeast. Kobe is the sixth-largest city in Japan and is the capital city of Hyōgo Prefecture. It is located on the southern side of the main island of
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Japan lies between four tectonic plates: Philippine plate, Pacific plate and Eurasian plate. It was between these plates that caused the whole monstrosity in Kobe. Normally, the Earth 's crust is broken up into pieces called plates. Heat rising and falling inside the mantle creates convection currents generated by radioactive decay in the core. The convection currents move the plates. Where convection currents diverge near the Earth 's crust, plates move apart. Where convection currents converge, plates move towards each other. The movement of the plates, and the activity inside the Earth, is called plate tectonics.
Plate tectonics cause earthquakes and volcanoes. Earthquakes and volcanoes are most likely to occur either on or near plate boundaries. However, these plates could not carry out the means of convection currents;
When convection currents cannot take place pressure builds up and the result of the amounted pressure is an earthquake or volcanoes. The pressure of the four plates was of 50 years’ worth and was bound to erupt. When convection currents cannot take place and the plates cannot move is what cause such eruptions as pressure has been building up beneath the subduction zone.

The Earthquake took place on Tuesday 17th January 1995, at 5:40 am. Japan has a population of 124 million people and a population density of about 310 per square metre! The people of Japan would have no doubt in their mind s
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