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Japan is an excellent example of a modern nation. “By identifying the modern as a cluster of related principles rather than as merely a period, we are able to trace its occurrence in different periods in different national or cultural settings” (Goto-Jones, 7). The idea of what is culture and what is modern can be subjective. Time and setting are merely measurements showcasing a particular in relation to everything else. Although Goto-Jones is critical of what it means to be “modern,” reasons supporting his opinion on whether Japan is modern or not can be given by looking at some of the changes Japan has made; observations of the dynamic and stagnant in Japan’s past and present. By comparing and contrasting through history the government, …show more content…

Within the short time frame, a significant transformation in political, industrial, and societal means took hold, seeing Japan as a great power within the world. Emperor Meiji’s death in 1912 saw in end of an era at its own representation (Goto-Jones, 70). More change came as the Japanese social environment felt to be continually bewildered by the western powers. In response, this drove Japan to imperialize and eventually join World War II. After losing the war, Japan was subjected for significant change once again. With the 1947 Constitution it is the people who hold sovereignty, as opposed to The Emperor who did so in the Meiji Constitution (Goto-Jones, 96). A contribution and push to Japan's unique adoption of modernization after World War II can be attributed to pressings such as Article 9, which prohibits Japan from being able to declare war, and from possessing military power other than the minimum necessary to defend the nation. This, along with the Reverse Course. This helped Japan move more towards a modern democracy by having its foreign policy based around its relationship with the US, which set Japan as a beacon of US policy in Asia (Goto-Jones, 97). Joint to Japan’s progression with modernity through history is the new found knowledge and technology that developed. When the Westerners arrived with their technology of the toy train, this represented a display of more advanced technology from a greater source of power

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