Japanese And American Culture Essay

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Japan and Our Similar Culture Japan and the United States have been allies for years. Our two countries have overcome many obstacles to achieve the alliance we currently maintain. Even though there has been some challenges and differences over the years, our two countries have some similarities. There are differences between Japanese and American cultures as well. Japan is a successful country, and continues to thrive, due to its operational environment and rich culture. The operational environment categories we share common ground are politics, military, and economic. The Japanese political system is like the United States political system. Even though there are similarities, there are differences as well, which makes Japan …show more content…

Currently, Japan uses its high technological products to sustain the economy in exchange for raw materials. Due to the rugged terrain of the island of Japan, it is difficult to self-sustain with raw materials such as petroleum. Years ago, Japan was producing raw materials from the volcanic stone, such as copper, silver and gold, until trades were banned (Ew World Economy Team, 2013). Japan has the third largest automobile manufacturer in the word. Industrialization and services is the highest producing income for the Japanese economy. Financial services account for the bulk of Japan’s economy. Tokyo has the fourth largest stock market in the world, and Japan is the largest creditor nation in the world. The country has rebounded from a recession much like the United States. After World War II, it took Japan nearly two decades for it to recover. After one recession, Japan suffered another in the 1990’s and by the early 2000’s began to see signs of sustained recovery (Ew World Economy Team, 2013). There has been slow progress, but the Japanese are using their resources and services wisely to continue to have economic growth and maintain the low unemployment rates (Ew World Economy Team, 2013). Much like the United States, there was an economic catastrophe, but using resources wisely has led to the success of the

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