Japanese Internment Camps Were The Uprising Of World War II

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Japanese American internment camps were the uprising of World War II. Numerous internment camps were created across the United States when the Japanese killed thousands of Americans in the Pearl Harbor bombings. Because of this, all Japanese people were forced to evacuate their homes throughout the United States; this caused many businesses to shut down. The United States government attempted to cover up these camps by keeping it quiet, but they eventually made their way to the media. Many people around the world believe that these camps were unnecessary. Did this incident cause the war to become even worse from that point on?
After Pearl Harbor, Japanese American Internment Camps were put into place on February 19, 1941 (Sundquist 529). On this day President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an order called, "Executive Order 9066” which ordered all Japanese Americans to evacuate the West Coast (“USHistory”). “On the authority of President Roosevelt Executive Order, close to 120,000 Japanese Americans were placed in what Roosevelt called “concentration camps” (Sundquist 530).” The reasons the government came to the conclusion of putting many Japanese Americans into concentration camps, “After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in December 1941, rumors spread, fueled by race prejudice, of a plot among Japanese Americans to sabotage the war effort (“USHisory”).” Some two thousand Japanese Americans were marked as especially dangerous, most of them aliens, had been seized immediately after…
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