Jarrod's Alternate Ending

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“Give me that!” Jarrod yelled. He fought to take the paper, but Bobby resisted him with a palm to Jarrod’s chest and continued reading, “…Summoned from the depths of Hell. Seeking-” Jarrod snatched the paper from his hand. “Don’t you ever put your hands on my things again!” “I’m making up for that pitcher of ice cold water you woke me up with the other day. My bed is still soaked and wet.” “Oh, yeah. Boy that was funny. You still having wet dreams, huh?” Jarrod laughed. The two had been playing practical jokes on each other a week after becoming roommates and close friends. Jarrod pulled his tablet from the back waist of his pants. “I figure you would read it. That’s why I took my real words with me. He hahaha’d out a loud laugh, Bobby immediately went after him and tried to…show more content…
His knee dropped right on top of the broken glass, cutting deep into it, and when his knee hit the hard tiled floor, a bone tore through, busting his skin open. Blood gushed out and a loud bellowing howl followed. The surgery recovery would not be instant after the extensive repair to Jarrod’s damaged knee. He’d planned to meet Alana that night and recite the poem he was writing for her, but while recovering, his language changed. His sentiments detoured to self-pity and his heart bled in his journal. As the guilt sets in Reality of life’s struggles begin The pain, Oh pain! When will it end? It’s time to give up, not worthy of life Take it away please! Here’s the knife. The mind, Oh mind! The thoughts are endless The feeling of despair and an abundance of stress. Emotions, Oh emotions! You show no mercy Between you and peace, there’s always controversy. The hurt, Oh hurt! Your fight is tremendous Without a defense, your sting is stupendous. Death, Oh death! Investigating your pace Remove this numbness and don’t leave a
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