Jay-Z's 'From The Frying Pan Into The Fire'

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Hip-hop is a culture created by people who felt that some aspects of the culture of capitalism did not fit them. Hip-hop was able to give them a form of expression, a means of earning and a better representation for themselves. In Jay-Z’s essay “One Eye Open”, Jay-Z shares his account, as a pioneer of the genre itself, of how hip-hop started to gain its popularity and standing back when he was a young child and how it provides the people means to support their needs. In her essay “From the Frying Pan into the Fire”, Arlie Russell Hochschild shares what does it take to create a culture, she focused on how the capitalist economic system became a culture itself instead of supporting one. Although hip-hop may have started out as an opposition to some of the values of capitalism, a lot of aspects of the hip-hop culture thrive from the capitalist economy, it just follows a different set of rules.
Even though many might think that hip-hop is a form of art and that capitalism is an economic system, that is not all that they are, they can also be identified as cultural systems. A culture is created when groups of people start to have unique social patterns, like their own food, cloth, language and what not. Another way a culture is created is through rituals and an ideology that a group of people start following. The culture of capitalism was created through “the anxieties to which it poses itself as a necessary answer”(Hochschild 145). For this reason, what used to be just an

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