Jazz Influences on the 20th Century

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Jazz Influence on the 20th Century
Jazz is considered one of the most influential types of music in American history. Some of the greatest artists in the world have contributed to the success jazz has had not only on American history, but throughout the world. Jazz music has come to serve as the base of many music styles in the United States. This paper will explain the history of jazz, where it all came from, and the effect it has had on the American culture in the 20th century. To start off, states that in the 1930’s and 1940’s jazz was at its peak. Most of the jazz scene started in New Orleans. Other major cities throughout the Midwest, such as Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago have their own unique …show more content…

The jazz era carried a lifestyle that lifted up anyone’s feelings when they would sit down and listen. During the Great Depression, the record industry was at its all time low. But with the sound of jazz, those numbers sky rocketed quickly jumping from ten million to about fifty million. From New Orleans all the way up to New York, jazz was a form of life that lifted people through hard times. Additionally, states that the other jazz era was a form of music called Bebop. Although swinging may have launched the art status of jazz by putting it in the ears and the mind of the world, it was bebop that took to the mainstream because of the forming of the draft during World War 2. Many of the well known players were implemented into the armed forces, so this gave the chance to smaller, up and coming bands to raise and take the lead on a new music wave. Also, while the music in America was changing, this gave the chance for jazz to change, too. Bebop was revolutionary and it did not follow the history of jazz, it formed its own unique style and took off with it. Others view bebop, though, as the end of jazz music. However, we know now that it became the father of all and is widely known as the changing point of the jazz history.
The last topic that is to be covered is how the music of jazz is compared to the jazz of today. In the early years, jazz was mainly a set style that had a lot of distinction from the rest of the styles

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