Jazz Observation Of Jazz

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Generally, music class settings can be vastly different than the average learning environment. Jazz in particular is seen as a soothing genre to learn, but getting more involved and looking underneath the surface will show that it is not always the case. These classes can be more relaxed, but, ironically, also involve rigorous practicing and “studying.” The atmosphere in a jazz class is a unique one involving various factors that make learning this way extremely different. I expect that the way the class is set up will affect the behavior of the students in many ways. To gather the information and results, I will observe the Mars Hill Jazz Band, conducted by Dr. Slaughter, on three different occasions. I will begin on Tuesday, September 5th, then Thursday, September 7th and Tuesday, September 12. Throughout the observations, I will be keeping in mind the atmosphere and circumstances in the jazz band and how they relate to student behavior. For my observations, I will be placed behind the band on the stage of the Moore auditorium. The back is a great way to get a literal “behind-the-scenes” exclusive. I sat on the stage roughly 20 minutes prior to rehearsal time, at 4:30 p.m. each time I observed. The qualifiers for my experiment are as followed: In order for a student to qualify as practicing before rehearsal, they had to be practicing for over a minute. I recorded side-conversation only if it was more than two interactions. For example, someone can say something and
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