Jean Domat, Montesquieu And Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Government is built on the premises of the established ideas of former politicians and then the new outlooks of recent politicians. All ideas on government are based on the structure and laws of former civilizations. Thus, many politicians can have similar viewpoints on government due to basing their ideas on the same former structures. But, in contrast new government structures include a variety of variations. Therefore, Jean Domat, Montesquieu and Jean Jacques Rousseau have major differences in their outlooks on government, but they do share similar aspects. To start off with, Jean Domat was a French jurist who ideas stem from the kings practice of royal absolutism. In addition, Domat also established a large presence of the law of God within her work. Domat viewed ‘man’ as each person is a member of society and must obey God faithfully. In addition, there is emphasis on the obedience of ‘man’ to God. While God has many rights, ‘man’ has little to none except to acknowledge the truth and what God requires of them. God is the dominant power and ‘man’ has little say. Domat states that there are two types of government. The first is the relationship between children and parents. Children respect their parents the head of the family. The second government is formed through variety within employments, which leads to a necessary head to unite society. For those who govern society, power is given to them. “For since God is the only natural sovereign of men, their judge, their
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