Jedi Temple: A Short Story

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Jedi Temple Dorne waited on the steps outside the temple, lost in the inner workings of her helmet. Something sparked, and she swore. It was weird sound in such a posh accent, and Fynta wasn’t even sure what language it had been in. The medic looked up at their approach and heaved a sigh of relief. “I was trying to get my communications link back up, but it isn’t working.” She scowled at the blank HUD again. “I’ll have to let Yuun look at it.” Vik bent down and frowned into Elara’s helmet as well, dropping a meaty hand on her military regulation bun. “Least it wasn’t your head,” he remarked before straightening and walking down the stairs. “That means he’s sorry,” Fynta called loud enough for the Weequay to hear. He made a rude gesture …show more content…

That meant it had its own cantina. It almost didn’t matter who they were meeting, because it meant Jorgan got to wander through the belly of the beast. Fynta humored him, he knew, purposefully getting lost twice to give him a better tour. When they did make it to the pub, Theron sat in the back, facing the door, and bent close to a holo. Jorgan caught a clip of the news behind the bar as they passed. A serious looking human woman read from a datapad while red letters in all caps scanned across the bottom of the screen announcing that she had urgent news. “Continuing our coverage of the most recent breakout of the rakghoul plague, I’m joined now by Addalar Hyland, founder of the philanthropic organization THORN. . . .” The rest faded out of ear short. Jorgan frowned at the screen. A rakghoul outbreak. That sounded too familiar for comfort, and he made a mental note to check into it when they reached the ship. A small part of him wondered if he’d made a grave mistake by letting Fynta destroy Dorant’s supply of serum instead of insisting that she turn it over to Research Division. If maybe the Republic could have found a …show more content…

“Alright, you know about me, you know about Fynta. I’m curious, how does a Cathar feel about working under a Mandalorian?” Jorgan tried not to overthink the word choice. “Major Wolfe is as fine a commander as I’ve ever seen. Cathar was destroyed before either of us were born. No reason I should hold her responsible.” It had been a line he’d rehearsed time and time again in his head. He knew, eventually, someone would ask about their peculiar relationship. Theran snorted, leaning back to cross his arms. “You know your commander and I have history, back to her days with Epoch.” It wasn’t a question, Shan was looking for a reaction. Jorgan squeezed his fists and relaxed them a few times in his lap, focusing on keeping his heart rate down instead of laying the guy out flat. “She’s told me,” Jorgan answered, barely able to keep the growl from his voice. Fynta watched him warily, her arms and legs crossed to hide her own

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