Religion, A Fad, And Pop Culture

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Jediism: A Religion, A Fad, and Pop-Culture Religion has been a controversial topic for thousands of years. More lives have been lost in the name of “God”, in Wars, crusades, territory disputes, religious clashes, and the list goes on, even to this day. Religion is worshipping and believing in a higher power. Also, religion is a very intimate relationship with this higher power, which may be called, “God”, “The Force”, “Allah”, and “Buddha”. The symbols used in different religions vary on their beliefs such as putting meaning to a cross or worshiping the sun. Over time religion has evolved to form new beliefs, rituals, and religions. For example, the Pharaoh Akhenaton of Egypt tried to change the traditional Ancient Egyptian Religion by reducing the worship of many deities to just one, the sun of god Aten, but despite his efforts that new religion this would be rejected upon his death. Centuries later, Henry VIII of England, created his own religion, Anglican, so he could legally get a divorce, becoming the head of the church which is still being worshipped to this day. Anglican was created without divine intervention in order to satisfy personal agendas. There are golden rules in Religion that must be followed, such as Christianity’s, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”(). Who can dictate if your beliefs are considered a religion? Taking a closer look at Jediism as a religion, which takes old ideas and makes them ‘fresh’ again, it will be shown how some

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