Essay on Jefferson's Actions During His Presidency

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In the year of 1800, Jefferson ran for the second time averse to former president, John Adams but unlike the previous election, John Adams wins the presidency, Jefferson was able to defeat John Adams. The Adams lost the election due to passing the Alien and Sedition Acts, Considered unconstitutional laws because the Acts took away the first amendment, freedom of speech. Jefferson was a more promising choice as he promised to have a “Republican Revolution”, Jefferson promised to help the yeoman farmer and decrease the Federal debt the United States had at the time period. Jefferson’s presidency was to a certain extent a “Republican Revolution” and to a certain extent it was a Federalist Continuation. Jefferson proclaimed his “Republican …show more content…

The Acts were passed due to both France and England pressuring the United States to pick an alliance in the Napoleonic Wars. Jefferson had no desire to become involved in the wars and passed the Embargo Act prohibiting trade with European countries believing it would make both countries stop pressuring the United States. This would make the United States move towards an agrarian economy as trading would almost become useless as European’s countries were the only ones to trade with the United States. Jefferson presidency having helped the average man especially farmers would not Continue as he would make choices that would oppose the ideals that his presidency had promised. Jefferson having helped the average farmer did so at certain at the price of losing his original ideals of his presidency. As Jefferson had made the Louisiana Purchase he made the national debt of the United States increase; Jefferson had promised to decrease the debt during his presidency but instead increased it through his purchase. Jefferson also failed to follow his own strict interpretation of the Constitution, as there was no statement of whether Jefferson had the power to make purchases for the United States and did not even consult Congress about his decision. Jefferson had increased the executive power he was given by making a purchase without any consultation with Congress and therefore increased the power of the Federal Government. Jefferson had

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