Jeffrey Dahmer

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Jeffrey Dahmer Reed Criminology Instructor Steven Cable Word count: 787 words Abstract Jeffrey Dahmer was an intensely troubled child who grew up in an environment rejecting him fuelling his loneliness. As an adult his instability only escalated. This has revealed that parental upbringing is of core importance in a child’s development of social skills. As seen with Jeffrey Dahmer he did not receive that socialization bond be it with his parent or other people in his life. All the way through his childhood, Jeffrey Dahmer was ignored and developed a way of perceiving himself as an outsider, rejected by society. This loneliness and sense of rejection grew until it aggravated his compulsion to commit the monstrous crimes of murder,…show more content…
He often used offerings of alcohol, sex, and money to lure men back to kill them. He also lost connection with social bond when he dropped out of college for his excessive drinking. He was sent to the Army by his father, but he was discharged due to his alcoholism. That withered the bond with his father after disappointing him. His father sent Dahmer to live with his grandmother, possibly to have Jeffrey under close supervision to make sure he did not drink excessively. He also had withered the bond he had with his grandmother when she had become tired of the late-night drinking and bringing men to the house. She eventually kicked him out of her house. I also believe the routine activities theory applies Jeffrey Dahmer. Many serial killers have hunting patterns and that is a sign of the routine activities theory. He always went through the same routine to bribe his victims into coming back to his place with him. Once he drugged them or killed them he would have sex with them and save some of the body parts to eat later on, I believe that is a great example of the routine activities theory. Also he always went to gay bars and the same kind of places from the beginning of his adult hood to the end right before he was arrested and convicted, this is also part of the routine activities theory because he went to the same type of places to hunt his victims. Routine activities theory has been found as a major theory for sexual

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