Jeffrey Dahmer And Its Impact On The Criminal Justice System

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Throughout American history, numerous acts of crime have been committed by serial killers that ultimately shocked the nation. A serial killer is defined as “someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval (Serial).” One particular person who is considered one of the most infamous serial killers on earth is Jeffrey Dahmer. The Jeffrey Dahmer case had a significant impact on not only society but on the criminal justice system as well. Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in West Allis,Wisconsin. He and his parents, Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Annette, were an average american family who strived for the best. Jeffrey’s father was a graduate student who wanted to pursue a career as an analytical chemist. His mother worked as a teletype machine instructor. However, Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother was not a stable women. She had a history of psychological problems which meant that her son was susceptible to mental illness due to genetic factors. Growing up, Jeffrey had trouble with interacting with his peers. He also had a peculiar fascination with dead animals and “according to his father, his son was ‘oddly thrilled’ by the sound the bones made and instantly developed a fixation for playing with and collecting animal bones (“Jeffrey Dahmer” Wikipedia).” As he got older, he developed an addiction to alcohol. He started drinking heavily during high school which negatively affected his grades. Another issue that Dahmer faced in his early life was

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