Jem Character Analysis

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Who was Jeremy (Jem) Finch or in other words, who had he become towards the end of the novel? In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem was one of the most important character throughout the novel.In my perspective, Jem was a noble and brave kid and grew up way too fast for his age. In the beginning of the novel, he was barely 10 years old and in the end, he was nearly 13 years old. He had experienced difficult life time events that changed his life and he understood how life was back in the days. He was athletic and a very brilliant boy who would figure out most of problems quickly and understand the situations. Jem has multiple characteristics that will be analyzed throughout the essay. As well, Jem will be analyzed for his …show more content…

For example, when the crowd went to kill Tom Robinson before the trial and Atticus sent Jem and the kids home but he stood his ground because he knew something was wrong. That’s maturity to me because he’s not running away from the problem but confronting them with Atticus.
Jem was going through the stages of puberty in the middle of the novel. At this time, jem was twelve years old. He thought that he could control Scout and make her do whatever he wants because he was becoming into a man. In chapter 12, Calpurnia starts calling Jem “Mister Jem” because he’s aging and she’s showing him more respect; “ I just can’t help it if Mister Jem’s growin’ up. He’s gonna want to be off to himself a lot now, doin’ whatever boys do” (115). This phrase states that he would want to be alone because he’s growing up and going through adolescence. Calpurnia was trying to explain puberty to Scout in a simple way that she would probably understand and how Jem is growing up and will need time to himself to understand what is happening to him. Jem is going through some difficult time in this chapter because he’s being moody and very irritable with Scout because he doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone and he just wants to have time for himself to figure out what he is experiencing. Also, in the same chapter, it states that Jem got more wisdom and understood everything better. Jem is understanding

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