To Kill A Mockingbird Self Discovery Essay

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Eileen Kennedy-Moore once said, “the path of self discovery is a journey of discovery that is clear only in retrospect, and it’s rarely a straight line.” This quote can define Jeremy Atticus Finch’s experience throughout his time in Maycomb county in To Kill a Mockingbird as a child. I’m the story, Jem and his sister Scout are forced to grow up rather quickly as their father defends a colored man, Tom Robinson, of rape in which the town highly disagrees on. The town does not keep this feeling hidden. As the trial occurs it is clear that Tom is innocent and should be released. The opposite of this happens and Tom is concluded as guilty. Which leads to two highly upset children. Jeremy, who is referred to as Jem, begins as the average …show more content…

Because of this situation, Jem has developed a moral that will stand strong not only because of his father but because he has seen the wrongfulness of the town due to prejudice and racism. Furthermore, on morals, Jem takes his father's advice and steps into other people’s places and sees things from their point of view. One example of this would be how Jem comes to the realization that Arthur Radley, the town shut in who is also known as Boo, stays in his home because he wants to. When realizing this, Jem not only creates a moral but also begins to think for himself instead of believing the lies told by the town gossips. In the beginning of the story Jem believes Arthur has stayed in his house all this time because he is forced to. Jem also believes that Boo is insane and has tried to kill his own family. Nonetheless, Jem does step into Arthur’s shoes and see the town from his perspective. By doing this Jem sees the town as a hateful place filled with judge full people and explains it to Scout that Arthur stays inside because he wants too. This actualization of Arthur ensures that Jem uses this technique with many other situations. Continuing, as Jem is seeing things from others point of views, he grows in his maturity which leads to him to act as adult. An example of this is when Scout and Aunt Alexandra, who is very determine to keep a good reputation to the family name, get into an argument regarding the

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