Jennifer Watson Case

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Jennifer Watson was in her third trimester about to give birth. When she arrived to the hospital with her husband Steven, Jennifer delivered a beautiful daughter in which she named Katie. Steven and Jennifer couldn’t have been any happier upon Katie’s birth, especially since their fertility rate had been low. After hours in the hospital, the Watsons returned to their home in the East Hamptons. Tired and hungry, both Jennifer and Katie rested up while Steven left for work since he had a case for the Law Firm later that day. After a two week period of joy and happiness in the Watson family, Katie began to catch a fever. Her mother believed it was a common reaction to a vaccination but soon became concerned when Katie started to develop lumps in her abdomen. Concerned Jennifer made an appointment with her family doctor and contacted her husband on his way to work. Arriving at the doctors in tears, Jennifer walked into the office and sat down to see the doctor. Dr. Thomas brought Katie into room 8 and conducted an examination. Dr. Thomas walked Jennifer to the back room with a concerned look.
“Dr. Thomas, these past few weeks I have been terribly exhausted, I’d hate for my daughter to become ill, is there anything I can do?” Jennifer says.
“Mrs. Watson, let me show you something.” Dr. Thomas says.
The doctor walked the mother over to her daughter and showed
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“I’ve only noticed a fever, I thought it was nothing to be concerned of!” Jennifer exclaims”
“She has an average heart rate of 50 beats per minute. The average newborn heart rate is from 70-190 beats per minute.” The doctor explains.
“So what does she have doc?” Jennifer asks.
“With these symptoms it looks to be a cancer called neuroblastoma, it is rare but comm-.”
“Is there a cure?”
“With treatments and surgery, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Rockville Centre should be able to assist Katie with all her medical
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