Jenny Craig Research Paper

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When you are searching for a diet program probably the most difficult process that you most likely encounter is finding the one that suits you. Well Jenny Craig is among the many that are available but also one of the most well-known. The Jenny Craig program specializes in showing you healthy eating by encouraging balance, range, and moderation which are all important if you find yourself trying to lose weight.

They teach this to you by providing you a selection of commercially prepared meals. Each one of the packages is prepared for you in accordance with USDA standards. You also have the option of choosing a pre-planned package or create your own packages from a enormous selection of food items that they have available. You need to eat the …show more content…

This is a superb program for you if you have a busy standard of living that does not provide you with considerable time in order to cook. Also, it is good if you are one that does not like to cook or have no idea of how to prepare a meal. All of the meals are pre-packaged so you do not have to cook anything. Also they are all premeasured, so there is no need to have to count calories or measuring your food. The meals will teach you exactly what a realistic portion will look like. The meals are also put together by a registered diet professional so they are up to the USDA standards. They even have diet plans for teenagers and children that have particular needs. If you feel that you will need accountability the weekly help support and motivation groups will be a very good help for you. A further overall benefit of the Jenny Craig program is that your meals are delivered by FedEx to your home if you are unable to pick it up.

Just like everything in life though Jenny Craig also has some downfalls. The first one being that you are not allowed consuming any other meals right until you are midway through the program. This might be uncomfortable for you if you enjoy dining with your loved ones, go out to eat regularly, or you travel around a lot. The price of the program is an additional downfall. In case you have a tight pocketbook you will probably be unable to manage to pay for this

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