Jeremy Atticus Finch

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In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the author follows the childhood of the main character known as Jeremy Atticus Finch. He is the son of lawyer Atticus Finch, and older brother of Jean Louise Finch, also known as Scout. The family lives in a fictional town called Maycomb, Alabama. In their early lives, the two siblings were infatuated in figuring out the secrets of the Radley family, especially Boo Radley, in the house down their road. At the beginning of the story, their curiosity plays a big part in their lives. This builds during their many experiences and gives the readers a better sense of the characters’ traits. Jem Finch plays one of the key roles in the storyline and has a very brave, emotional, and protective personality. …show more content…

He is always watching over the people he knows, especially Scout and Atticus. One day, as Scout was walking home, she spotted two pieces of chewing gum in the nook of a tree. She checked to see if the gum was safe, then ate it. When she got home, she told Jem that she found the gum in a tree. He then becomes concerned for her safety and states, “‘Don’t eat things you find, Scout’... ‘Spit it out right now!’ ... ‘Don’t you know you’re not supposed to even touch the trees over there? You’ll get killed if you do!’ … ‘You go gargle -- right now, you hear me?’” (Lee 33-34). When Jem discovers what Scout has done, he shows that he will be protective of her, even over a couple pieces of gum, and make sure she stays healthy. In another major scene, Jem’s defensive actions saved his and Scout’s lives. As the two siblings were walking home from the Halloween pageant, Jem kept hearing footsteps following them. At first they thought it was their friend Cecil Jacobs trying to scare them again. However, when they stopped for the last time, the footsteps didn’t follow suit and stop with them. Jem tells Scout to run, but with her cumbersome costume on, she tripped and the wire around her was crushed. Jem got stuck with their follower, Bob Ewell, and was attacked. When he was flung back towards Scout, he immediately tried to rescue her from the costume and get both of them out of the fight. Unfortunately, Jem was pulled back by Mr. Ewell and severely hurt (Lee 261-262). Even though both Jem and Scout were in danger, Jem did everything in his ability to try and save her. The situation they were in was very dangerous but despite the challenges, Jem was sure to be protective of himself and his little sister. Someone who takes good pride in protecting you and others will always be good person to have around, especially if it is one of your

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