Jessica Foy. Othello Essay. English Iii. 14 February 2017.

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Jessica Foy
Othello Essay
English III
14 February 2017 Emilia Essay
Character development is seen in almost every character in the play Othello. Most of the characters are seen tumbling in a downwards spiral of their former self; while other characters are seen becoming more powerful due to the loss of power from the people above them. One of the characters that developed from her superior’s weaknesses is Iago’s wife, Emilia. Emilia spends most of her time with Othello’s wife, Desdemona. Most of their conversation surrounds the topics of gender roles in society and in their relationships. Desdemona’s insecurity in her relationship leads Emilia to find her own voice in order to defend her friend. Shakespeare utilizes …show more content…

Although Iago shoots her down; the fact that she even questioned him, shows change between Act I Emilia and Act III Emilia. Although Emilia gave her husband the handkerchief he so very much desired for his love; she still wondered what he had in store for her friend, Desdemona. In Act IV, Othello hits Desdemona and they both continue in a downward spiral. At this time, Emilia and Desdemona are really good friends and the audience sees a switch between the two.
The outspoken Desdemona is now a reserved housewife; and the reserved Emilia is now the outspoken confidant that Desdemona relies on. She believes that her friend does not deserve the treatment that has been served to her; so she speaks out on her problems reversing the roles placed on them both. As Desdemona begins to settle into the housewife settings, she calls upon Iago and Emilia recalls most of the event to her husband herself. Throughout the conversation, she even brings up something she was too afraid to do so earlier: Iago’s accusations that “made you to suspect me with the Moor.”(IV.ii.173). Emilia has completely changed to a woman with an unfiltered speech; through the heat she gained from her anger at Othello for hurting her friend mentally and physically, she accounted some of her own relationship problems.
Admitting her own problems made it easier for her to betray her

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