Jesus Reflection Paper

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Jesus gives a sermon saving the blameless and forgiving the sinful. He ensures that if you keep your faith your current circumstances will be blessed. During the speech according to Matthew, Jesus blesses those who are facing hardship by restore hope in their hearts. However, according to Luke, Jesus is preaching to the same people facing hardship but he reaches out to the sinful with a series of woes. The woes mainly focuses on the hypocrites, the hateful, and adulterers. While both Matthew and Luke sat for the same sermon they both read Jesus’s speech differently. Luke’s view point gave more detail and gave his audience a better understanding of the text. The start of Matthew, the text uses the repetition of the word “Blessed”. The chapter does not give us much imagery by repeating this word it. I say this to point out Luke, “He came down with them and stood on a level place.” (Luke 6.17) Luke’s verse gives Jesus an entrance where he doesn’t seem to just appear and starts to preach as seen in Matthew, “He went up into the mountain: and where he had sat down.” (Matthew 5.1) I see the version of Matthew be quick and straight to the point. This verse jumped right into the word from Jesus. However, sif the sermon was not titled, I would not have known what “The Sermon on the Mount”, I really would not have caught on to where this sermon took place who he was speaking to or that he wasn’t just speaking to his disciples. The gospel according to Matthew lacked clarity.

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