King Jesus Gospel Book Reflection

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King Jesus Gospel Book Reflection
Caley Mays
Melody Harper
GLST 220-001
16 September 2014

King Jesus Gospel Book Reflection My understanding of the gospel prior to this class was that God sent his only son to earth so that we may be forgiven of our sins. The gospel to me was also about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. As I was growing up I also learned about the great commission. While I learned about the great commission I realized all Christians are required to go out and take the gospel and share it weather as a missionary in a foreign country or the work place such as a school teacher. I grew up in the church and went to a small private Christian school where I was immersed in the teaching of the gospel. The
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Another example of a current Christian culture could be the high school I went to. Many people at my high school were very apathetic towards Christ and the gospel. I found I was lapsing into apathy and complacency inside my small Christian bubble. My school focused more on rules and ethics instead of sharing the gospel and welcoming others to learn about the gospel. The salvation gospel was presented to students at my school, but the way it was presented did not come across as very affective. Many of the students at the school were very complacent in their faith and it was very easy to lapse into complacency. My overall understanding of the gospel has changed during this course in many ways. Throughout this course, thus far, I have learned how to share the gospel more effectively and how to communicate the gospel to other people and different cultures. I have a better understanding and grasp of the gospel, and feel more confident for when I will present in front of other people. I understand more clearly how to explain about the good news of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection and how to communicate it to people with different perspectives. Before this class I never really considered that other cultures and ethnic groups will have different views on the gospel, and will need to have it communicated to them differently. During one of the classes we watched a video by Jason Bethke about how he loved Jesus, but hated religion.
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