Jesus ' There Is An Important Quote That Summarizes The Complete Chapter And What

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The question focused on in Chapter four titled “Jesus” there is an important quote that summarizes the complete chapter and what is the identity of Jesus.

“If Christ was only man, then He is entirely irrelevant to any thought about God; if He is only God, then He is entirely irrelevant to any experience of human life” (75).

This explains that God is a different figure than Christ but they are the same person. The study of Jesus is called Christology and there are many names in the bible that Jesus is called which all mean the same thing but have different perspectives. The chapter starts by teach the history of how the term jesus and his identity came to be about, it also mentions that orthodox people thought they had the correct teaching about Jesus. What it also mentions is that Jesus taught his people how to achieve salvation and how the reign of God is supposed to be, in other terms Jesus was letting the people know through his teachings that if they followed him they would all be saved because Jesus already knew what he had to do in order to let the rest of the people live.

Different writers in the New Testament identified Jesus with different terms such as “Messiah” which means “the anointed one”. In the Old Testament when someone was anointed mean that “the person anointed in this way was regarded as having singled out by God as having special powers and functions”(59). Jesus did not like to be seen as the Messiah because he wanted to keep a low profile of

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