Journal Article Critique : The Man Jesus Christ Essay

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Journal Article Critique:
The Man Jesus Christ

Submitted to Dr. Michael Chiavone, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of

THEO 510-D01
Survey of Theology


Todd Bush
November 21, 2016


Introduction 2
Summary 2
Critical Interaction 3
Conclusion 4
Bibliography 5

The following paper yields a couple of various speculations and theories in regards to the teaching of Christ 's humanity and how it could influence how we comprehend His flawlessness. In the article "The Man Christ Jesus" by Bruce A. Ware, we take a gander at the idea that is often hard to comprehend of Jesus Christ being both God and man and His failure to sin. The larger question postured by this article is with Jesus being completely God, as we know He could not sin, however, being completely man, would it have been feasible for the human side of Jesus to allow Him to sin. Ware yields various perspectives from various theological scholars and shares his own theories.

Ware expresses, "the emphasis must be placed on the humanity of Christ as the primary reality He expressed in his day-by-day life, ministry, mission and work." By taking a gander at Jesus as the God-man rather than just simply God or simply man and concentrating on the humankind, Ware would like to answer if the man Jesus could have trespassed. From the earliest starting point, Ware takes a gander on the fact of how Jesus

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