Jesus 's Blood With The Cup

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One question brought up as a result of reading the narrative. Is Jesus relating the wine to his body in a literal sense? “Jesus identifies his blood with the cup. In the NT, αἷμα may refer to the red fluid within the body’s circulatory system; however, it more often has metaphorical connotations. It may denote “the death of a person, generally as the result of violence or execution…This metaphorical corollary is especially true when αἷμα is found with ἐκχύννω in 23:35 and 26:28. Thus, in his saying over the cup, Jesus also speaks of his violent death.” The reason this has to be clarified is that it could easily lead a person to say the cup is his blood in a literal sense.
D. A. Carson in his practical counsel to Pastors said, "make sure that your own theology of the Lord’s Supper is stable, mature, exegetically grounded, and thought through. I suspect that one of the reasons why we settle for mere rote in our celebration of the Lord’s Supper is that we have not done the work that would enable us to be much fresher and more evocative.” In personal reflection, this paper and the research to get to this point has helped become more stable and avoid a rote celebration of the Lord’s Supper. This study has codified the connection to fellowship and philanthropy in a completely different manner than ever before. The historic development of the doctrines surrounding the Lord’s Supper is clearer. I also understand many of the terms better when people use them and what…
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