Jewish Life in Holocaust Tony Burtrum

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Jewish life in the Holocaust Even though manny where persecuted, the Jews had the most hardship in life during the holocaust. Millions were killed or died from other causes. The Jews were considered an outcast. They had to live in ghettos, be sent to work camps, and even have their own child inform the government about them. The Jews had to live in an area of housing known as a Ghetto. This is were the government took a group of Jews and put them into a dirty housing community. Disease outbreaks were quite frequent and deadly. Many people not only died from being sent away, but just from the diseases in the Ghettos. According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust, the ghettos were extremely dirty. Staying warm was very difficult during the freezing winter. There was a major food shortage that resulted in famine. Lots of Jews died of starvation. They had poor sanitation, with extreme over crowding causing people to have to share rooms and beds. Many places had ghettos that were had a barbed wire, brick and stone walls as their boundaries. Guards were placed at openings and gates of the ghettos.(Ghettos) The smallest ghetto held around 3,000 people. The largest ghetto, located in Warsaw, held around 400,000 people. Many of the people in the ghettos came from the local area or nearby. Around 1941, Jews were being deported from Germany to Poland to even further east. Jews were not allowed to leave the ghetto. If they did they would be killed on site. Gas vans were used in

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