Jig's Relationship In Relationships In 'Hills Like White Elephants'

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In the “Hills like white elephants,” I believe Jig notice and understand the feelings of what she wants for the unexpected pregnancy but because of Jig being passive and pleasing the American man or looking at the American man for answer. She soon realizes that relationship will not be the same with or without the procedure because the opposition between the American’s values and Jig are too different. The story revolves around the development of the girl character and the dialogue between the American about the hills and drinks struggle over whether if their relationship will change and how it affects their lifestyle. From the American man point view it will complicated his freedom and unable to travel or stay in many leisure hotels or has the child and settle down to a conventional marriage. Jig’s view the unexpected pregnancy as rewarding because she always wants a child and a normal life. The American man constantly argues for the abortion but also reassure her that nothing will change after the procedure however Jig character is still being develop therefore she always doing what he wants because she does not want the relationship to end which lead me to believe his dominate in the couple’s relationship or on how he manages their relationship together in a manner to his own desires.
The story started out with the couple at a table waiting for the train facing the hills with both of them deciding of what to do if they want to go through with the procedure and how this

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