Jimmy Valvano Speech Analysis

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Image being struck down by cancer and having to living with a disease eating at your body, well Jim Valvano lived under those circumstances and was able to give one of the influential speeches of all time that people still turn to for motivation. The ESPY Awards is an annual award ceremony in which awards are presented to individuals to recognize their achievements in both sports-related performance and high character outside of sports(Rothman). At the 1993 Espys, Jim Valvano or “Jimmy V” delivered an acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, a speech that moved the audience to their feet. Just nine months prior to speaking, Jimmy was diagnosed with a severe form of cancer called Metastatic Adenocarcinoma (V Foundation). It was evident, by the way he spoke, his time on earth was quickly coming to an end, in the way he spoke and the stories he told about those he has met through his life. During the speech he referred to not knowing how much time he still had on earth before cancer took him for good (V Foundation).Jimmy V argues the idea that one bad thing life should be able to hold you back from being a strong and outgoing individual. Jimmy Valvano was always able to uplift a crowd by bringing energy to his surroundings by his tone, use of humor, and by using the rhetorical appeal pathos.
The tone in Jimmy Valvano’s speech is outgoing and lively. He easily grabs the attention of the audience by being so humble and grateful, and speaking softly to the crowd

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