Jimmy's Struggle With Homework

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Today’s blog post is about my son, Jimmy, and his struggles with completing his homework. Jimmy has always had trouble with school since he just wants to play minecraft all day long…  My husband Gil and I help out our JJ by minimizing distractions to give him his best shot at completing his work! We’ll talk about how we limit technology time and getting organized. These methods have made Jimmy into the best student possible- and you can make your child great, too! Let’s get started.  Since Jim is such an avid gamer, Gil and I always struggled with keeping an eye on him to know if he was actually doing his work or not. More often than not, I would check in on JJ and see him just playing on his phone, building cities or whatever that silly minecraft is about!! Not only did this mean that my son wasn’t completing his work, but he was also lying to me that he was going to do his …show more content…

Just the other day I walked into his room and saw his homework AND a banana peel crumpled in the bottom of his backpack (I’m sure you other moms have experienced this too ). I was immediately angry and thought about punishing Jimmy to have him clean up his act, but I remembered something I read on Metro Parent Daily. According to Dr. Robert Epstein, an author on teenage behavior, “Teens are young adults, not children. Picture your teen as a young boarder in your home. How would you treat him or her if he or she were a slob?” This really made me think about alternative ways to motivate Jimmy to stay organized, which is a daily struggle in many households. Gil and I eventually decided to take him to Target to have him pick out some cute containers, boxes, and a nice desk to set him up a study area in his room. This has been extremely effective in keeping his stuff together and since he chose it, it’s more likely to have him actually use it since he likes

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