Jingle: A Fiction arrative Essay

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“Oil exploration and increased sea traffic are encroaching on polar bear habitat, throughout the Arctic. With the increase economic activ—choo! Cut!” As soon as that word left the young reporter, Alrick Spencer mouth the news crew began to move. They all were moving the cameras and the rest of the equipments into the van as they were calling it a day. Alrick can see the tiredness in their eyes and the annoyances after retaking the same shot over and over again. It wasn’t his fault that his boss decided that his first job would be at the middle of no where in the Arctic. How was he supposed to make a great impression on TV with snot running down his nose? He was currently with his crew doing a story on the environmental changes that are …show more content…

“Sigh… I’ll wait here. I’m sure they’ll look for me,” he said as he pulled his cap down to his eyebrows and wrapped his scarf tighter around his mouth and nose to protect him from the biting wind that was picking up. He sat down on the ground as he pulled his knees up to his chest to keep somewhat warm. Jingle. Alrick looked up after hearing a bell like sound. He looked around and didn’t see anything. He noticed that the wind was picking up and he assumed that it was just that, the wind. Jingle Jingle There it was again and he knew it wasn’t just the wind. He got up and looked around noticing the wind was picking up faster. He squint his eyes to see through the snow and wind that was blowing all around. Jingle Jingle Jingle “Hello! is anyone there?,” he called out as he walked towards the bell sounds. Alrick shut his eyes causing ice to encrust his lashes, and causing darkness in his vision. Distantly though, he heard a crunching. Were they footsteps? He wasn't sure how long he'd been stumbling through the snowstorm when he heard the bell sounds and foot steps. In the back of his head he knows that he should have stayed where he was but in his heart he knew that it’ll bother him not finding out where the sound was coming from. Like a fool he was running towards an unknown direction hoping something was there. Jingle Jingle Jingle Jingle Jingle Jingle He forced himself to increase his speed but he stumbled and fell onto the ice

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