Jody Character Analysis

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Jody is about an adopted child. It is about searching her natural parents. Who wants to know her true identity. This is the story of being human who has ever about the heart’s journey home. This is true to life story written by Jerry Hulse. Jody was an adopted daughter by Mary and Bruce Carr, who’s married dozen years before they adopt her. She was born on May 13, 1931 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was faces now serious surgery and the doctors needed her family background or medical history about her parents. When she was 16 years old, she knew that she was only an adopted daughter. Her adoptive parents never told her about it, only the place where she was born. And that is the only information to find her mother. Jerry Hulse her husband is the first travel editor in Los Angeles. He was died on 2002 at the age of 77.

II. Summary
Jody and Jerry Hulse were married and had two sons, Boc and Dick. They was faces a serious problem now. Jody was …show more content…

The weaknesses of the story are just too long. It was too broad, and it will make you boring on some pages. It makes you upset because there’s a twist and some words that they used is hard to understand. Even though there are weaknesses of the story, it will make you be a critical thinker. For the example, on how’s her parents could be find. It is exciting because your expected will not be the same as you expect at the last part of the story. Although it is a true story, there is a doubt that can possibly form in your mind because for me, some details are not possible. But all in all, it is beautiful to have read.

IV. Conclusion
Jody was very nice book, a true story life written by Jerry Hulse. This story, make you believe that family is a family no matter what happen. They faced all the problems even though it is hard, it is impossible to solve. It will teach you how to forgive someone who did wrong to you. It will make you believe that “When there is life, there is hope.” It motivates you how to live longer

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