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Throughout history, there have been many significant composers who have left their mark on the musical world. From Mozart, to Beethoven, to Chopin, to Brahms, each famous composer has had an influence on the music we hear today. However, perhaps one of the most influential of all composers is Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach’s effect on music history can never be over-exaggerated. Bach played a crucial role in influencing many later composers, such as Mozart and Beethoven, as well as many modern musicians, redefined polyphonic music and musical form, and created beautiful works of canonic music that still resonate with listeners today, over 250 years after his death. Born in March of 1685, Johann…show more content…
Moving on into his early adulthood, Bach was hired to play in special services at a church in Mühlhausen, in which he was expected to compose the pieces he would play. It was this job that would earn him enough money to marry Maria Barbara, to whom he fathered 7 children, though only 4 survived. In the following year, Bach accepted a job to play in the court of Duke Weimar, and later became Konzertmeister (concert master). He afterwards sought a higher more prestigious title of Kapellmeister (chapel master), and accepted an offer from Prince Leopold of Cothen, in 1717. His work under Prince Leopold was, perhaps, the most enjoyable part of Bach’s career. “Unlike most Princes of his time, he was a player of considerable proficiency on the harpsichord, the violin and the viola da gamba, and contrary to current Court etiquette he played quite freely and informally with his Court musicians, treating them entirely as his equals.” (www.baroquemusic….bach/html).The positive working atmosphere prince Leopold had created could have very well helped in encouraging Bach to write his music. When the prince traveled, Bach, as well as several other musicians, would accompany him, bringing along many instruments and an ingenious folding harpsichord. Upon arriving home, in 1720, from one of the prince’s extensive journeys, Bach learned his

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