Johann Sebastian Bach's Life And Music

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in the town of Eisenach located in Thuringia, Germany. This was an urban district with many cities each with its own musicians and musical director. Not all of the composers were German, some were French, English, or Polish. There were probably many different styles of music to be heard. The church where Bach was born is still standing, and the font where he was baptized is still inside of it. Eventually Bach will turn into an amazing musician and composer. He was a genius from a very young age and it showed in his music early on in his life. On July 28, 1750 at the age of 65 Bach dies of a stroke in Leipzig, Germany. He wrote and composed a lot of music that would never be published during …show more content…

He later becomes a court musician in the church Weimar, but he is only there for about seven months. After that at the age of he went to inspect the new organ at the church in Arnstadt. This was a short turbulent time for Bach. There he would get into a swordfight with the bassoonist who Bach said played like nanny goat. He was known to have been seen sneaking off going to drink at the pub. There was also a time when he snuck a woman up into the organ room. Even leaving town for four months even though He was only given four weeks leave. He was gone for all this time to go visit with a great composer of the time named Dieterrich Buxtehude. The town he went to was 260 miles away, and Bach walked the entire way. This time spent in Arnstadt was Bach just being a hooligan, what young virtuoso making good money wouldn’t do the things he did. He was very self-assured during this time in his life. At Bach’s new post in Muhlhausen he wrote a cantata titled Gott is mein Konig (God Is My King) for the new council at the St. Blasius’ Church. The piece he wrote was very well received and becomes a major success. He leaves Mulhausen, and goes back to Weimar Bach marries his cousin Maria Barbara who he has seven children with, only four who

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