The Periods Of Johann Sebastian Bach's Life

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When given the task of writing a biography on Johann Sebastian Bach, there are roughly nine periods in his life that can be discussed in detail. Beginning in Eisenach with his birth, moving to Ohrdruf after his parent’s death, deciding to pursue choral studies in Luneburg, his first stay in Weimar while awaiting the organ to be built in Arnstadt, moving to Arnstadt and beginning services for the town at age 18, auditioning for the organist position in Muhlhausen, returning to Weimar to continue working as a member of the chamber orchestra and as Organist of the Court in Weimar, leaving Weimar to become the Chapel master in Cothen, and finally residing in Leipzig where he eventually passed away at age 65. Eisenach Born on March 21st 1685, Bach was the son of Johann Ambrosious, who was the court musician for the Duke of Eisenach. Alongside being a musician for the duke Ambrosious was the director of musicians for the town of Eisenach. The Bach family …show more content…

This was the perfect situation for young Sebastian and his skill level quickly increased and he then mastered all of the pieces that he had been given with the construction of a new organ in the church, Sebastian was given the task of copying music by German organist composers such as Jakob Froberger, Johann Kerll and Pachelbel. All the while learning organ from his uncle, he also attended the grammar school of Ohrdruf, which was one of the most progressive schools in Germany. Here he quickly reached the top of his class at an early age. A large portion of the scholars from Ohrdruf were employed as members of the choir, where their Cantor Elias Herda, thought highly of Johann Sebastian’s voice and musical abilities. Being that Elias supported Johann’s endeavors, he helped him receive a scholarship to be a choir member at the Michaelis monastery in

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