John Calvin's Teachings Essay

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It seems that from all of John Calvin’s teachings, it’s quite possible that this debate over his doctrine of predestination has been argued more than any other in history. In this essay I will explore Calvin’s view of predestination, giving special attention to the justice of predestination. Secondly, I will explain the purpose of election as understood by Calvin. Third, I will discuss the purpose of reprobation.
So what is the basis of Calvin’s view of predestination? It would be most simply stated that predestination is the doctrine that before God created humankind God chose some for eternal life and sentenced others to eternal damnation. At the core of the argument is Calvin’s view of predestination as completely unconditional in …show more content…

Calvin asks, “How can it be consistently said that things derived from election are the cause of election?”
It is important to point out that Calvin appears to be certain of the capability of God’s election. The Israelites, God’s elect people, could fall out of election because they don’t have a spirit of regeneration that would give perseverance in the covenant, until the end. Although individual elected persons will persevere. Those God has chosen for eternal life will certainly receive it, and those God has rejected will face destruction. What’s the reasoning behind God’s election of some and rejection of others? This explanation is simple, but may require some defending, which I intend to do. God elects and rejects so that he will be glorified. The challenge lies in the destruction of some, not in the grace that is demonstrated. Either way, Calvin affirms that God is just to the reprobate, that through them God’s glory may be revealed.
Throughout history many people have attributed Calvin of conceptualizing an arbitrary and unjust God. There are some that would suggest that God elects those whom, in his foreknowledge, he knows will choose to follow God through Jesus Christ. In doing so they try to clarify and reinforce the justice

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