Protestant Reformation Dbq

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The Protestant Reformation Produces Puritanism Martin Luther: German friar who believed that only the Bible was God’s word and started Protestant Reformation Protestant Reformation: Movement that denounced the Church and believed that the Bible was the only true word of God John Calvin: Believed a reformation was needed so much he had ideas that affected the New World’s future Institutes of the Christian Religion: A book by John Calvin that explained the Protestant systematic theology Calvinism: became the main theological religion and preached that everyone had a predestined life Predestination: A main concept in Calvinism that stated that everyone’s life was predestined, for better or for worse Calvinism had a profound effect on England …show more content…

XV. Quaker Pennsylvania and Its Neighbors Pennsylvania attracted many Dutch, Swedish, English, and Welsh squatters The city of Philadelphia was considered one of the best colonial cities as it was planned well and had wide and attractive streets Pennsylvania was popular among Indians (they were treated very fairly) and immigrants as Penn employed a very liberal land policy Grains and foodstuffs were the main exports that came from Pennsylvania Delaware and New Jersey sprung from Pennsylvania in 1674 and 1703 respectively The settlers and Indians interacted with one another without weapons and Quakers even used some as babysitters. Unfortunately non-Quakers from Ireland and Scotland were not as tolerant towards the Indians. Penn wasn’t appreciated when he was alive as he was friends with King James II, who was overthrown in England and died in a debtors prison

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