John Deere Use Self-Driving Tractors

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In 1837 John Deere came to be what it is today and is 180 years old this year. John Deere has withstood the test of time and has been advancing. Farming technology has been advancing through the years and continues to advance. Now we are going to drive the tractor right into learning about GPS. Global positioning systems create precision farming. People can get GPS in almost all pieces of farm equipment that drive. Global information systems work with GPS to help install information to let the GPS direct the equipment. GPS is used for planting, field mapping, tractor guidance, soil sampling, crop scouting, yield mapping, and variable rate application. GPS is all over the agriculture industry.
GPS will guide and make it very easy for the farmer
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This tractor is programmed and remotely monitored at all times when in use. According to Case IH President Andres Klaufer “In many parts of the world, finding good working labor during the peak of the season is a constant challenge for our customers.” (2017). Thus making a self-driving tractor even more needed. Consumers can monitor the tractor from their home, truck, in town, and pretty much anywhere. There are already self steering systems, but they won’t drive to the field for farmers and won’t turn around at the end of the field for you. Like self-driving tractors. New Holland NH drive Concept allows farmers to install it in their tractor and it will drive to the field and do the work just like the Case IH Concept except it will have a cab (Collie, Scott, 2017).
Now it is time to harvest our ways into the S-Series combines. The S-Series combines are the best in class power. They have 543 horsepower at rated speed and 617 horsepower at peak speed. The S690 is the most powerful combine on the market today. It can quickly respond to crop conditions and the size of the crop doesn’t matter. The grain bin is said to hold 400 bushels, but can hold even more when pushed to its maximum capacity (S-Series Combines,
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The idea to create the W155 came from the W150. The W150 windrower was a great success for John Deere. They wanted to create an even better machine so that is why the W155 was created. The terrain will not change how well the W155 operates. John Deere started in 1837. Thus it became the company it is today and creating the W155 ( New Releases and Information, 2017).
The cab suspension gives the operator a calm ride and helps them to get a lot of work done. The powerful lights and visibility make it very easy to run the W155 day or night. It is a an option to add reverser, but it will unplug the machine effortlessly. There are quick attachments that can be gotten with the windrower making it very easy to transport and easy to store. The windrower cost roughly $150,000. The engine in windrower is a John Deere engine created in their own factory ( New Releases and Information, 2017).
Now you know that farming technology is advancing and is still advancing. First, I introduced to a some facts about GPS. Then, we watched the self driving tractor tell facts about them. Next, the S-Series combines flew across the eating up facts. Finally, we rode in the W155 windrower through the rough terrain and learned some facts about
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