John F Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

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John F Kennedy’s Inaugural address

Throughout John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, Kennedy used a variation of rhetoric styles and diction in order to persuade his audience that all human beings should cohesively act as one to further human rights worldwide.

On the 20th January 1961 John Fitzgerald Kennedy became America’s youngest president and became the first Catholic head of state. Against a backdrop of snow and sunshine Over 20,000 people gathered together to witness the event. After removing his topcoat, Kennedy delivered what has become a landmark inaugural address.
His audience reached out to him as he seduced them with his use of language and bible references which lead to people to see him as a Christ like figure .He planned to both inspire the nation and to send a message abroad signaling the challenges of the cold war and his hope for peace in this nuclear time era. The finely crafted speech had been revised thoroughly by Kennedy and his close advisor Sorensen until he was satisfied. Kennedy’s speech was quite short with 1,300 words and it was made up of short phrases and words much like Lincoln’s famous speech.

Kennedy evoked a sense of security and a spirit of idealism towards the end through clever manipulation when Kennedy beckoned on all Americans to service and sacrifice; ―’ And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.’ What this statement meant to the people was a totally rethinking of
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