John Gaddis's The Cold War

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In his book, The Cold War, John Lewis Gaddis succeeds in relaying a comprehensive summary of The Cold War in such a way that the reader is unable to put the book down. The book itself can be said to be an irrefutable source of knowledge, helpful insight, and even entertainment. John Gaddis relays accurate information in an unbiased manner, while at the same time holding the reader’s interest. The Cold War is a florid convergence of both Gaddis’s cognizance and his ability to engross his audience. Undeniably, Gaddis is an author who is gifted with the ability to give a historical text the intrigue of an adventure novel. Gaddis’s novel, The Cold War follows the events of The Cold War in a clear, comprehensive, chronological order. In order to provide the reader with a better grasp of events covered in the volume, Gaddis delivers a brief overview of World War II before delving into the history of the Cold War itself. By reading this work, one can learn of the devious and sometimes underhanded plans that cunning leaders took in order to secure security and prosperity for both their nations and themselves. However, one also learns of bold, daring moves …show more content…

While reading this work, the history of the Cold War is presented to the reader in astonishing detail. However, despite the informative nature of this literary piece, bound within the pages of Gaddis’s novel is a complex and interesting story. In The Cold War, very real heroes and villains exist, and it is often hard to differentiate between the two. John Gaddis allows the reader to develop a sense of kinship with the men who were at the forefront of the Cold War. The personalities of these men is presented in a way that makes their conflicts almost relatable. Their strengths and shortcomings are portrayed accurately through their actions, words, as well as quotes from themselves and those close to

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