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John Hope Franklin born on January 02, 1915 and died March 25, 2009. He was an American historian of the United States and former president of Phi Beta Kappa, the Organization of American Historians, the American Historical Association, and the Southern Historical Association. Franklin is best known for his work From Slavery to Freedom, first published in 1947. The world has been characterized with inferiority and superiority complexes with ever individual seeking to be superior over the other. We were and still are living in the world of racism. John Franklin faced a lot of obstacles in his life trying to deal with discrimination. From the story The Train from Hate is based on real life events. John Franklin, his mother and sister were …show more content…

It took too much energy to hate or even to fight intolerance with one’s emotions.”
We take advantage of the small things that we have access to today. We can get on a train today, and sit anywhere we would like to without any problems. There are not separate sections for color and white. How would we have handled that situation, if you were colored and was put off the train that wasn’t your stop? We all have feelings and deal with them differently. I would have been angry and felt degraded. But sometimes our anger gets the best of us and causes negative reactions and may lead to other issues.
When we get, angry or upset it changes our positive energy in our body to negative energy. That negative energy can lead to health issues like severe anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, or cause to act in a furious way that leads you to jail or even death. Being discriminated against it caused John to get very upset and he began to cry. John was only 7 years old. As a child, you don’t understand why things go a certain way and what’s the meaning behind it.
The author of this story grabs reader’s attention immediately just from using the word Hate. Franklin gives a personal childhood reflection in addressing discrimination. There will always be someone, in one point of their life time that has disliked, feel or

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