Essay about John Keats: Amazing Poet and Hero

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John Keats is not only one of the greatest poets in English literature, but he is also one of its few heroes. Despite being relatively unknown during his life, Keats became the defining symbol of the late Romantic time period in which he lived Even after his premature death at the young age of twenty-five, Keats's poetry was scrutinized. If not for several profound occurrences in John Keats’s lifetime, and without the friendships that he made, he never would have been able to address the political issues at the time or find a way to release his feelings of heartbreak

John Keats was born on October 31, 1795 on a small farm in London, England to Thomas and Frances Keats. He had a relatively stable early childhood, he lost his father …show more content…

After his grandmother became his legal guardian, despite her absence, she decided to send him to a better schooling system. She enrolled him in the Einfeld Academy in England. It was here that Keats became fascinated in literature and poetry. He found that reading provided a comfort for him and almost sent him to another world. He would spend countless hours in the school library studying books on history and poetry. He found solace in the world of reading. After realizing that he had somewhat of a talent for writing, John Keats would go on to win essentially all of the literary awards at the school which gave him the confidence that he needed to begin his own writing career. He also became close to the school's headmaster and one of his teachers, John Clarke, who served as a sort of a father figure to him and encouraged Keats' interest in literature. John Clarke went beyond the normal teaching styles and greatly inspired Keats and his writing style.

Despite Keats enjoying his time and studies at Einfeld, his grandmother had other plans for him. She decided that the best way that he could assist his family was for him to attend medical school. On his own time however, Keats would travel back to Einfeld Academy and discuss book and poetry with his friends and former teachers. These people and these encounters would eventually shape his writing style for the better.

One of John Keats closest friends

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