John Keats : The Five Senses, Reality Departures, And Nature

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“If Poetry comes not as naturally as Leaves to a tree it had better not come at all” (biography). John Keats was an English-born poet who was known for his sonnets, romances, and epics. He was a well-known romantic poet who was criticized because of his style of poetry. In his poems, Keats uses frequent themes such as death, the five senses, reality departures, and nature. As a romantic poet, John Keats uses imagery and emotion based themes as way to display his beliefs in his poetry. Born in London, England on October 31, 1795, Keats suffered a tragic childhood after he became an orphan at the age of eight. The death his father left him without a reliable mother because after her husband’s death, Keats’s mother remarried and spent the family’s money. Keats’s mother abandoned the family after her divorce. With no one to take care of them, Keats’s grandmother stepped up and took Keats and his three siblings into her home. Keats’s mother eventually returned home, but died from tuberculosis in 1810. During his time of abandonment, Keats turned to literature and was supported by his school’s headmaster, John Clarke. Keats eventually left his school, Enfield Academy, in order to pursue a career in medicine. After receiving his license in apothecary, he returned to literature because is medical career failed to take off. With the help of Leigh Hunt, Keats was able to publish some of his poetry. In 1817, Keats was able to publish his first book, Poems, with the help of some of

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