John Locke And Karl Marx On Private Property

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The concept of private property has been discussed over centuries – whether what falls into private property, and if it is just to have it. It is the law of nature to use the goods given by the earth, but the difference between public and personal use is still at question. John Locke and Karl Marx are two important philosophers who analysed the concept of private property and how they believe it should be used. They both use their understanding of the law of nature to construct their views on private property. Through this essay, Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and Marx’s The Marx - Engels Reader will be compared in an attempt to figure if humans have a right to private property and its reasons for it. Through the Two Treatises of…show more content…
However, Lock implements some restrictions to the theory of labour. To him, God wants all humans to be happy therefore no one can take ownership of something that hurt someone else in the process. 118 This connects to the state of nature in which humans can live freely as long as they can live in harmony. Also, Locke believes that humans also, cannot take more than what they can handle. In reference to the apple example; humans cannot take more apples than what they can eat because they will perish and go to waste. 118 Waste hurts others because it is a lost possibility for them to have those apples and to have that happiness. Essentially, Locke has created a cycle between the law of nature and rights for property – the right for private property can exist and can be beneficial as long as the laws of nature are followed. Locke justifies private property since humans put their hard work into resources for which reason they should claim ownership just as long as they do not cause harm in the process. Nonetheless, He touches that if someone does collect too many apples, they can trade it for other foods or value. This is how Locke implements value of goods into the cycle.121 Karl Marx discusses some similar topics through The Marx - Engels Reader. Marx uses the term ‘matter’ instead of nature. He believes that everything can be explained through one thing – matter. Matter governs over man kind and all of the other
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