John Locke Essay

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John Locke John Locke is considered to be England’s most prominent philosopher. He was born August 29, 1632 in a small town of Somerset, which is south of Bristol, England. Locke was the oldest of three children. His mother died when he was 22 years old and Locke spoke of her very well. Locke’s father was a Puritan attorney and clerk to a justice of the peace in the town where Locke was born. He was very strict with his son when he was younger. which Locke later believed that parents should be stricter and less indulgent towards their children. John Locke was raised in a home that was very concerned with education. He was educated mostly in doctrines of political liberty and always surrounded by important political figures …show more content…

In 1671 Locke wrote two drafts of his essay which revolutionized English philosophy. His essay was about the principles of morality and revealed religion. Locke concluded that questions about religious and moral principles could be answered only after thorough investigation of the human understanding and of human knowledge.5 He had many theories and ideas, which he spent most of his life trying to find the answers to. Locke believes that “everything existing or occurring in a mind either is or includes an idea; and all human knowledge both starts from and is founded on ideas”.6 His ideas and essays caused people to get upset because of the newness of the ideas. Locke believed that everyone should be equal to pursue what he or she wants. He believed that everyone is born perfect and you build on what happen to you in your life. This is the theory of blank slate. At this time in history there were many different theories about why humans were they way they were and what made people evil. Locke believed that society and your surroundings were what made people bad or evil. Locke’s main belief was in “Life, Liberty, and Property” and he showed all of this in the way he influenced society with his ideas. John Locke not only influenced the people of his time, but he is also still influencing us today. He made us think about ourselves and our relations to the world we live

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