John Proctor Character Analysis

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Not many people expect for the protagonist of a story to die in it, after all, they are important to the plot. Unlike other stories John Proctor, the protagonist and the voice of reason, in the drama, The Crucibles dies at the end. He played a crucial role from the beginning to the end. In the beginning of the story, John Proctor is indirectly involved in the witchcraft hysteria. Abigail, the antagonist and teenage leader of the girls, had drunk a charm to kill Elizabeth, Proctor’s wife. Her reason to commit such act is that she wants Proctor all for herself. As they had an affair in the past, but Proctor would not abandon his wife and children. If he had not had the affair with Abigail Williams, the witchcraft accusation chaos would …show more content…

The evidence Proctor gathers is the deposition of Mary Warren, the signatures of people from church confirming that Rebecca is a good person, and the disposition that Corey has against Thomas Corey. Even though after all this evidence the court doesn’t accept and continues to believe that the girls are telling the truth. Proctor desperate confesses his sin to the court, and this causes a commotion in the court. The court not able to believe the story Proctor has told calls to Elizabeth to confirm it is true. It does not go well as Elizabeth says that the statement is not true not knowing that Proctor has already confessed. Proctor ow angry and upset confesses to supposedly seeing the Devil and he is arrested and sentenced to hang.
Proctor now ready to hang, Abigail runs away as she sees she will not be able to get what she wants. Hale does not want this to happen so he tries to get Proctor to confess to witchcraft to save him from hanging and thinking that the others will do so. Proctor eventually confesses as they have brought Elizabeth to talk to him and he does it because he wants to be with his family. He signs the paper confessing to witchcraft but suddenly regrets. He feels as it is unfair from him to live as a sinner and for other to die because of an injustice. Proctor also does it because the

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