John Searle Compare And Contrast

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ASSIGNMENT 2: READING/DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Compare and contrast the views of John Searle and Rene Descartes on dualism. John Searle and Rene Descartes views on dualism both compare because they recognized mind and body as different parts, but they had different views. John Searle’s view were that physical and mental dualism may be two aspect that become a single substance, He called this the supervenience theory. On the other hand, Rene Descartes beliefs are that is composed of two different substances called substance dualism, stating that the physical, the material essence was our body and mental, the immaterial essence; our mind which was where our feelings and thoughts exist. He also claimed that the two substances interact at some point in the body 2. Compare and contrast the views of George Berkeley and Thomas Hobbes on the mind. George Berkeley views on the mind is that the only things that are real are ideas, which this is known as idealism. He also claimed that there is only one infinite mind and that all real objects are nonphysical. However, Thomas Hobbes was quite the opposite as he believed that only thing to exist is the body in motion. He stated that ideas, feelings, and thoughts are physical entities occurring that is explained by motions in the brain. 3. Does the materialist position imply a determinist position on the possibility of free will? Explain. The materialist position implies a determinist position on the possibility of free will because to

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