John Steinbeck's Writing Style

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John Ernst Steinbeck was born and raised in Salinas, California. As a child he always aspired to become a great writer. Between the years of 1920 and 1925 Steinbeck attended Stanford University. While at Stanford University, Steinbeck took classes in writing techniques. Although John Ernst Steinbeck excelled in writing he lacked the will to achieve in other areas of education. Unfortunately, Steinbeck never graduated from Stanford. John Steinbeck moved to New York City to follow his dream of writing. For a few years Steinbeck worked two jobs to support himself. One was as a fruit picker and the other was as a journalist. In New York City he tried to establish himself as a free-lance writer, but failed. The only pleasant thing he received from New York was his wife. Steinbeck married in 1930 and decided to return to Salinas, his hometown, with his new companion. When steinbeck returned home his father, a government official in Salinas, provided the newly weds with a new home. John Steinbeck continued his on going dream of writing in his new home.…show more content…
Tortilla Flat has been one of his best novels. It was published in 1935 and became a financial success. He continued his successful work with In Dubious Battle (1936) and Of Mice And Men (1937). All of Steinbeck’s novels can be categorized as having to do with the financial burdens that the typical farm worker encounters in his or her life. John Steinbeck had an enormous success with the novel Of Mice And Men. So much so that “on the evening of November 23, 1937 (Contemporary Literary Criticism p. 75)” the novel Of Mice And Men was turned into a theatrical play and performed in New York City. It was Steinbeck’s first novel to be converted into a play. The novel Of Mice And Men is a fictional,
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