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I would say that I am fairly lucky to have a chance to join this year AAS meeting because not many first-year graduate students usually come to the meeting. My main goals for this meeting are attending my first "Astropy" workshop and presenting the progress of my current research project about finding galaxy clusters. The size and the scale of this meeting is completely different from my first scientific meeting I attended last year in Vietnam. There are more than ten sessions running at the same time covered not only all kinds of research topics in astrophysics from exoplanet to cosmology, but also public outreach and other astrophysics-related topics such as coding and writing papers. The conference can easily felt overwhelming as many events occurs simultaneously. I can only write about the conference from my own perspective, and keep in mind that each one of us will have a totally different experience.

Astropy: astrophysics package for Python
Non-Academic Events

Even though the Opening Reception for the conference starts on Monday evening, my first event at conference started at 9am on Monday for a Python workshop. I had previously attend few workshops about Python program, but this is the first one that targeted specifically people working in astronomy. The organizers, which mainly consisted of astropy volunteers, started the workshop with an introduction about numpy and astropy. Astropy is a project of unifying all astro-related python packages into one package that

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