Jonas And Its Effects On Society

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(AGG) Jonas had once accepted his society at one point until he was driven over the edge and realized how inhuman his society actually was. (BS-1) Jonas thought release was a happy ceremony because of what his dad had told him. (BS-2) Jonas realized that his father had been lying to him about release this entire time. (BS-3) Jonas eventually leaves his society because of the lack of connections as well as relationships throughout the community. (TS) Having no connections is what causes somebody to reject their own society.

(MIP-1) Jonas used to accept his society before he started to realize what was really going on and how messed up his society truly is. (SIP-A) Jonas once thought that release was a happy ceremony and that his dad only tells the truth to him. (STEWE-1) Jonas thought that his dad would never lie to him so he tried to relate things that his dad had told him to the video of release even though every thing he was told about release was really one big lie. "now he cleans him up and makes him comfy" (Lowry 150). (STEWE-2) This is another example of Jonas trying to relate what he was told to the video. "I suppose it 's just a newborn" (Lowry 148). (SIP-B) Jonas thought he was actually happy and had connections at one point in his life . (STEWE-1) His family shared what they thought were feeling to connect with one another every night. “who wants to be first tonight for feelings” (Lowry 5).(STEWE-2) Jonas was very happy and excited and scared to become a 12

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