Jonas's Dystopia In 'The Giver'

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Jonas lives in a community that is an obvious example of a dystopia. His community is extremely far from perfect. Unfortunately this is what causes community leaders to attempt to resolve these issues in problematic ways. This can unfold into complete control, cruel punishments, and lack of freedom and knowledge. The leaders of jonas’s community have been striving for perfection, the main way this was achieved was with sameness. As stated in The Giver, sameness eliminates one hundred percent of all natural born issues. For example, there aren’t any hills in order to speed up transportation, and spouses are decided for you to ensure the perfect match. Every thing is the same. Everything remains completely predictable. Unfortunately sameness also leads to extreme lack of knowledge. Sameness eliminates all memory of the past, …show more content…

On top of all of this the main punishment for citizens that are out of line is death! They call this punishment release. Should a person really have to face death do to a mistake that was far from intentional? The community elders want to create a perfect society however killing people who aren’t perfect isn’t the answer. Not only that but children can be released if they don’t weigh enough, or are a twin to another child. Everybody is born with their own qualities. These kinds of things can’t be changed over time, it’s simply who you are. This alone instantly makes Jonas’s community a dystopia. It’s truly hard to imagine why the elders think this could possibly be the right thing to do. In conclusion I believe that the giver community is a true dystopia. The elders are so lost in trying to perfect the community however don’t realize that their method is slowly tearing everything apart. Citizens can’t even make their own decisions any more. Everybody is simply being told how to live their lives and if they don’t obey they are being killed. The sad part is that these people don’t even realize

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